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Bathmate - MaxOut Jelqing Enhancement Serum 100ml

Bathmate - MaxOut Jelqing Enhancement Serum 100ml
Bathmate - MaxOut Jelqing Enhancement Serum 100ml

Bathmate-max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum, using the globe-first exclusive recipe - testosterone stomax (made from 23 different components). Increasing penile size can be achieved naturally by increasing blood pressure and circulation, promoting cell division, and using this exclusive treatment with Jelqing. If can be used together with Hydromax penile augmenter (dragon culture bottle) series, the effect is better. The new travel suit is available in 100ml, which is convenient for users to take on the plane.

- cream cream

- effectively enlarges and thickens the penis

- it was manufactured using the globally exclusive proprietary recipe testosterone stomax

- increases penile blood pressure and circulation

- has passed clinical tests

- no side effects

- effects vary from person to person

- for external use only

- please refer to the instructions in the box for detailed usage

- made in USA

Brought in from England

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