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50 times the amount of lubricating oil powder 100g 50 times the amount of lubricating oil powder 100g
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Brand: Magic Eyes Model: ME-50LOP
50 times the amount of lubricant powder is a very cost-effective product! As long as about 2g powder poured into 360ml of water, it can turn the water into a sticky lubricating oil, that is, 100g of capacity can be open nearly 50 branches of 360ml of lubricating oil, extremely suitable for body mass..
Brand: Tamatoys Model: SHW
Product Size (Width x Depth x Height): H) x W40 mm x D40 mmContents: G 120mlMade in Japan..
Men's MAX - Fitty Lotion Spark HOT 180ml Men's MAX - Fitty Lotion Spark HOT 180ml
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-FLSH
High quality lubricant developed by Men's MAX in Japan. No matter the packing or quality is perfect. This is the most temperature-sensitive lubricating oil in the series, which is the most temperature-sensitive lubricating oil in the market for the time being. Very high moisture, low viscosity, smoo..
Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-GL360
Men's Max is specially developed for medium and bottom viscosity ultra-durable lubricants. Added collagen and aloe vera juice ingredients, skin care! And the user's favorite antibacterial ingredient, benzoic acid! You can add water or hot water to warm him up. It's perfect for full-body massages, se..
Men's Max「God's Lubricants」210ml Men's Max「God's Lubricants」210ml
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Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-GL210
神の潤滑劑 lubricant in Japan is known as "god" of Men 's Max Energy Lotion series, global initiative in lubricating oil in the case of three kinds of natural herbal ingredients, Citrulline, Guarana and Arginine, the effect of its composition is also confirmed by the medicine, can effectively improv..
Real Saliva 220ml Real Saliva 220ml
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Magic Eyes Model: RS
Long-awaited, most are either real mouth to match! ! Simulation saliva lubricating oil has finally arrived, colorless, odorless, extremely drawing, in addition to aggressive cost-effective, will not be disappointed. Packaging design also spent a thought, the whole packaging can be removed to make it..
Tenga Egg Lotion 65ml
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Brand: Tenga Model: TG-EL
Made by Tenga of Japan, the high quality water-based lubricating oil is colorless, odorless, beautifully packaged and highly collectable.- 65 ml- water soluble- colorless- tasteless- beautifully packaged and lovely- made in JapanImported from Japan..
Wet Flavored™ Gel Watermelon Edible Lubricant
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Brand: Wet Model: WET-WEL
Wet Flavored ™ Gel watermelon flavor, edible oil, using high quality raw materials manufacturing, the quality of absolute guarantee. No added sugar and preservatives, the human body after eating absolutely harmless. The taste and aroma are real and you will love the taste once you take a bite. Very ..
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