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Brand: Men's Max Model: Care5
Men's Max - Care 5 fits for different kinds of masturbator. Its includes a bottle of antibacterial spray, two sticks of sponge cleaning rod, one bottle of maintenance powder, a super absorbent cloth and a storage pouch. The antibacterial spray can remove the dirt. Spray the antibacterial spray onto ..
Men's MAX - Fitty Lotion Spark HOT 180ml Men's MAX - Fitty Lotion Spark HOT 180ml
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Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-FLSH
High quality lubricant developed by Men's MAX in Japan. No matter the packing or quality is perfect. This is the most temperature-sensitive lubricating oil in the series, which is the most temperature-sensitive lubricating oil in the market for the time being. Very high moisture, low viscosity, smoo..
Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-DSY
We're combining everything that's great about the Men's Max to make the ultimate product that no one can imagine, the Men's Max Dual! Purerial, which has the highest elasticity and durability, and the world's first +Wetch material with lubricant created by adding water. Outer white part as the Purer..
Men's Max Gel Lotion 360ml Men's Max Gel Lotion 360ml
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Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-GL360
Men's Max is specially developed for medium and bottom viscosity ultra-durable lubricants. Added collagen and aloe vera juice ingredients, skin care! And the user's favorite antibacterial ingredient, benzoic acid! You can add water or hot water to warm him up. It's perfect for full-body massages, se..
Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-PNMS
Smaller! More cute! More convenient! More cheap! But the quality hasn't changed! New Men's Max product Pucchi. Extremely lovely modelling design, no matter travel still lives at home, also be necessary thing. Lovely modelling, collect sex extremely tall. Small but thick to ensure durability. +Wetch ..
Men's Max「God's Lubricants」210ml Men's Max「God's Lubricants」210ml
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Brand: Men's Max Model: MM-GL210
神の潤滑劑 lubricant in Japan is known as "god" of Men 's Max Energy Lotion series, global initiative in lubricating oil in the case of three kinds of natural herbal ingredients, Citrulline, Guarana and Arginine, the effect of its composition is also confirmed by the medicine, can effectively improv..
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