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Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: KK-GLHE
Imp new series, guardian! Super soft, super thick!! Himeji designs lots of raised meat strips and lots of small pieces of meat, which makes you feel like hitting the head of the turtle every time you enter. 360 degree swing design, no matter which direction you enter from you can also close you!- no..
Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: KK-IVSH
Yin evil sister - half ripe vampire superhard version (medium サ キ ュ sister ま じ か る fostered バ キ ュ ー ム キ ツ キ ツ ヒ ダ ripple shock ・ super ハ ー ド タ イ プ) of aircraft cup, is the most hard version of Yin evil series. Most generation of the previous generation of all black design, this generation of transpa..
Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: KK-IVGB
Medium - Yin evil vampire big butt 3 kg (life-size big サ キ ュ エ ル ひ っ ぷ し ぃ し), is the largest of all her magic series, the most generous products!!!! It weighs three kilograms! The buttock shape that waits for a body big, pumping inserts, patting also is absolutely refreshing. The outer layer is LV2..
Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: KK-IVM
Only semen can make her feel pleasure, Yin evil - half ripe vampire, heartily infringe me, ravaged me, give me, tame me the human, before my little hole acura, kept constantly to hand over your semen, until you fill everything to me, with your semen tall me to the top of the vampire world, toils for..
Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: KK-TLOI
By the キ テ ル キ テ ル the latest research and development of water-based lubricant, in order to protect high humidity for the biggest selling point, continuous use can keep moisture, colorless, tasteless, high viscosity, large capacity 600 ml packing.- 600 - ml- colorless- tasteless- water soluble- ext..
Brand: Kiterukiteru Model: kk-STP
Yin demon series newest product, push flesh ply up a new level again, total weight amounts to 560 grams! Super thick meat! The inner structure is specially designed to stimulate your glans with the hook. Every time you come in and out, you will feel several strips of meat rubbing your most sensitive..
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